Asset Protection

In today’s economic environment, people have become more and more concerned about liabilities, asset protection, and securing their future. Many of our clients are concerned that market conditions could cause them to experience economic or financial turmoil that is not within their control. For example, one of my clients did not seem to have any significant financial issues and was paying all of their business’ bills on time.  However, when their line of credit was suddenly cancelled due to economic conditions, the cancellation almost caused them to have to close their business. I have been receiving more calls about how to structure asset ownership and how to protect from things going wrong, whether it be lawsuits, debt obligations, or their customers failing to pay, causing them in turn not to be able to pay their bills. There are many methods to structure the ownership and investment of your assets, and the structure of your business, which will offer you greater protection and more security should everything in your life suddenly go wrong. .


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Risk Management
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