Benenati Law Firm, P.C. believes in the zealous pursuit of our clients’ interests by taking a personalized interest and level of responsiveness in each case. Our firm concentrates our practice on representing individuals and business entities in litigation cases on a statewide basis. The smaller size of our firm allows us to maintain a hands on approach on our caseload and we are sought after for the dogged and relentless pursuit of our clients’ objectives. The majority of cases accepted are referrals from former clients, colleagues and opposing attorneys.

We have served as lead counsel in extensive litigation of breach of contract, employment litigation, and other civil issues.  Our cases have resulted in successful recovery of, as well as the successful defense against, claims of millions of dollars for clients.  In many cases, our knowledge of the client's base business, gained through years of general counsel, cuts litigation costs. Our representation includes:

Contract Litigation

  • Our firm prosecutes and defends clients in disputes involving contracts, including disputes involving interpretation of contract terms, breach of contract, and the ability to contract. 


  • Fraud occurs when a person makes a statement that they know to be false to a person who they know to be relying on said statements, and the victim then acts and is thereby damages.
  • Types of fraud include fraud in real estate transaction, consumer fraud (Deceptive Trade Practices Act) such as when companies misrepresent their products or services to consumers, and business fraud such as embezzlement.

Contract Litigation

  • We handle the prosecution or defense of disputes arising from contracts (written or oral) that have, or may be, breached.  Examples include unpaid fees for services or products (accounts receivable), business "divorces" (dissolutions), business defamation, and breach of fiduciary duty, breach of non-solicitation agreements, trade secrets, and other contract disputes.  When a breach of contract occurs, immediate strategic action is necessary to mitigate the negative impact. We work for negotiated settlements while preparing for a trial, if necessary.

Employment Litigation

  • State and federal laws prohibit discrimination and harassment based on a person's race, gender, age, disability, and religion.  Benenati Law Firm, PC's attorneys have extensive experience in litigating discrimination cases and counseling business clients on preventative measures.

Real Estate Litigation

  • We handle the prosecution or defense of disputes arising from the purchase or sale of real property.

Defamation (Libel and Slander)

  • We prosecute and defend claims that a person's good name has been disparaged in either written or verbal format.


  • We help landlords evict tenants for breach of lease, such as non-payment of rent or damage to the property.  We help landlords recover damages against the tenant for commercial and residential tenancies.